David Strickland

Born in Naples, Italy and raised in Southern California, David Strickland has been performing for the masses since learning to sing in a children's church choir in Mexicali, Mexico. A former member of the National Forensic League, International Thespian Society and United States Air Force, David has shown the world his skill and versatility in his various music projects and many times, on the 12-string acoustic his father taught him to play on. He's played on everything from street corners to national stages and festivals, playing alongside other local bands and opening for world-famous acts like Eve 6, Everclear, Rufio, Reel Big Fish, Smile Empty Soul, and Sugarcult. From 2004-2009 David fronted the band Idasas which was featured on the reality TV show "Rock Bottom", airing on MTV2 and Fuse TV and got some airplay on KCXX 103.9FM in San Bernardino, CA. For the last few years David has been a prominent member of the Inland Empire entertainment scene both onstage (250+ shows in 2013 & 2014) and off, performing with Inside Riot who were featured on the local TV show "Musicology", with Divide The Day, and with projects that have included promoting and booking local shows and hosting events like the Inland Empire Comic Expo.


Influences - Eagles, Coheed and Cambria, Willie Nelson, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews, Metallica, Queen, Bullet for my Valentine, Boston


Personal message - I've made it my life's mission to take advantage of every chance I get to share my passion for performing with the world. No matter where I find myself, if I'm surrounded by friends and music, I'm home. One of my favorite things about creating music is the connections I get to make with all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and finding a common ground upon which we can build personal and professional relationships. As an artist I'm always looking for new opportunities for shows, collaborating on projects, endorsements, sponsorships, promoting, and just jamming. Thanks for showing an interest in what I love to do.