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Dressed in Red (Single) Available Now

Release Date: 11/20/2015

Inside Riot

Inside Riot is a high energy alt/pop rock band based out of Southern California. Calling to arms audiences with songs of lust for the human experience, performer-at-heart, Fawn Baxter and David Strickland, the visionary behind the music, lead the charge with their powerful vocal and guitar melodies backed by Robbie LaGumina's chest-pounding rhythms and Matt McNight's heart-rattling bass lines.

The Word on Inside Riot

    Steven Vasquez

    One Hundred Proof


    "Hard to put into words how impressive and talented this Redlands band is. I.R. has definitely what it takes to make it huge..!! With awesome live energy and not to mention one of my favorite songs ever "furs" I never leave an Inside Riot show unsatisfied."

    Billy Bonepicker



    "From the heavy, grinding side of the Inland Empire alternative rage-rock scene hails Inside Riot! The harmonic/chaotic vocals and energetic guitars from Fawn and Dave will rock you out of your pants, while the driving beats and bass riffs shake the floor and plunder your senses. An Inside Riot show is a revolution of alternative rock!"