Robbie LaGumina

The most recent addition to the Inside Riot line up, Robbie LaGumina, comes to us from Eugene OR where he has spent the last decade as a working musician and recording artist. Although a So Cal native Robbie grew up in the pacific northwest where he began playing drums at age 12. A true live musician, his earliest performances were with fellow school mates playing impromptu punk rock shows outside of their middle school. By the end of his high school years Robbie had already been involved with various performing acts and been featured on studio recordings. Fresh out of high school Robbie was recruited by local metal act In the Name of God and he began building his reputation as a skilled and versatile drummer among the local metal and hard rock music scenes.


Over the past decade Robbie has performed with a long list of artists and been featured on numerous recordings. Previous bands include Blinder, Omnihility, Submortal, Soul Scythe, UnderEnuff and more. His credits can be found on recordings from Sam Wartenbee’s Stolen Sessions and Stolen Songs collections as well as Hazel Showers and many other recordings where he performed session work. Although his most recent band Blinder is not currently active you might catch them performing when the planets align and all of the band members are present.


In the fall of 2014 he relocated to So Cal to further pursue his music career where he began performing around the Inland Empire. He discovered Inside Riot and through the local music community had the opportunity to perform with some of the band members. When the opportunity arose to try out as the next drummer for the band the timing was right and Inside Riot had its newest member.


As well as being the drummer for Inside Riot, Robbie continues to collaborate with other artist using his home studio. He also continues to study various drumming materials to constantly progress his technique and musical styles. Influential drummers include Thomas Lang, Derek Roddy, Abe Cunningham and James King.